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MelbourneBallarat Wildlife Park Tickets

Meet free-roaming kangaroos at Ballarat Wildlife Park

Get up close and personal with Australia’s native animals at Ballarat Wildlife Park, like free-roaming kangaroos, koalas, wombats, crocodiles, tortoises, and more. This wildlife sanctuary is also home to the world’s smallest penguins and has a dedicated sanctuary for the endangered tigers. Read on to learn more about the park, what you can see here, and everything else you need to plan your visit.

Why visit Ballarat Wildlife Park?

Koala eating leaf at Ballarat Wildlife Park in Melbourne
  • Freely walk around native animals: Interact with Aussie animals like kangaroos, koalas, meerkats, and wombats. Get a chance to feed these beautiful creatures for a memorable experience.
  • Check out the tiger sanctuary: The park's Tiger Sanctuary houses rescued Bengal and Sumatran tigers. The park works towards providing awareness and education about these endangered big cats.
  • Watch live shows and animal presentations: Get unique insights into the behaviour patterns through animal presentations, including reptile encounters, bird of prey displays, and koala cuddling sessions.
  • Learn about their conservation programs: Learn about the park’s conservation efforts and the importance of protecting these species through informative exhibits and encounters.
  • Meet the world’s smallest penguins: The sanctuary features Little Blue Penguins, the smallest penguins in the world, in a dedicated habitat where visitors get to observe their adorable antics.

Ballarat Wildlife Park highlights

Crocodiles at Ballarat Wildlife Park in Melbourne

Animal presentations

The park offers engaging live shows and animal presentations for those who wish to know more about native Australian wildlife. Enjoy fun activities and experiences like reptile encounters, birds of prey displays, and koala cuddling sessions. These fascinating shows make the park a lively and educational destination for everyone alike.

Child feeding a wombat at Ballarat Wildlife Park in Melbourne

Animal encounters

The most beautiful experience you can have at the park is an encounter with the iconic native animals of Australia. Get up close and personal with free-roaming kangaroos, koalas, meerkats, wombats, dingoes, little penguins, and more. Feed them, interact with them, and click pictures to save those memories for an eternity.

Family feeding Kangaroos at Ballarat Wildlife Park

Twilight Fridays

Take part in a limited series of special evening events where the park extends its hours, allowing you to enjoy the wildlife in a unique sunset atmosphere. Enjoy live music, food, and fundraiser face painting, among other things. The cafe also serves a special event menu and you can feed the roaming kangaroos, for an additional fee.

Tiger Ballarat Wildlife Park in Melbourne

Tiger Sanctuary

Ballarat Wildlife Park houses a dedicated sanctuary for rescued Bengal, Sumatran, and Sumatran-Siberian tigers, all of whom are registered as endangered species. You can feed these beautiful big cats under the strict supervision of dedicated keepers and also learn about the park’s tiger conservation efforts and education programs.

Family petting a Koala at Ballarat Wildlife Park in Melbourne

Conservation programs

Ballarat Wildlife Park’s conservation and recreation programs are aimed at creating and promoting a sustainable world. The programmes are designed to better educate you about the native wildlife of the country and the importance of protecting them through informative shows, presentations, animal encounters, exhibits, breeding programs, and research.

Penguins at Ballarat Wildlife Park

Little Penguin exhibit

The Little Penguin exhibit features a colony of the world’s smallest penguins. The exhibit has a large pond for the penguins to swim in along with a sandy beach area for them to rest. Being the only species of penguins found in Australia, the exhibit highlights the threats faced by them, significant aspects of their biology and conservation efforts.

Plan your visit to the Ballarat Wildlife Park

Getting there
Visitor tips
Clock ticking

Every day: 9 AM to 5 PM

Closed on Christmas Day

  • How long should I spend at Ballarat Wildlife Park? 

We suggest that you set aside at least half a day to enjoy the different exhibits and animal presentations at the park. 

  • What is the best time to visit Ballarat Wildlife Park?

If you wish to avoid crowds, we recommend visiting in the early hours right after the park opens, especially if you’re travelling with kids. This will give them a chance to interact with all the animals and see the different shows. 

The spring season from September to November is also a great time to visit the park with comfortable temperatures and low chances of showers.

Address: 250 Fussell St, Ballarat East VIC 3350 (No entry on, Richards St), Ballarat East VIC 3350, Australia.

Find on Map

By train: Take a train from Southern Cross in Melbourne to Ballarat Station. From the station, you can take a bus or hire a taxi to reach the park.
Nearest stop: Ballarat Station

By bus: Take a Line 20 bus from Ballarat to the park. A PTV Regional Transit bus service from the Little Bridge Station also goes towards the park, which is 6 minutes away from the bus stop.
Nearest stop: Ballarat Wildlife Park/Fussell St (Ballarat East)

By car: The easiest way to reach Ballarat Wildlife Park is to drive down to the location.
Distance from airport: 108km from Melbourne Airport

Car parking: Both on-site and off-site parking facilities are available. The park is situated at the corner of York & Fussell Streets in Ballarat East with many car parks around. Coach parking and car parks for the disabled are available at the park.

Toilet facilities
  • Toilets: Clean and well-maintained restroom facilities are available throughout the park.
  • Facilities for kids: The park is equipped with changing stations and nursing areas.
  • Shops: A gift shop offering souvenirs, merchandise, and wildlife-themed items is located inside the park. You can also collect your experience photographs from this shop. 
  • Food: An on-site cafe or kiosk provides delicious food, refreshments and dining options.
  • Parking: Ample car and coach parking facility is available for visitors, including those with reduced mobility.
Wheelchair accessibly at Ballarat Wildlife Park
  • Wheelchair accessibility: The park is completely accessible by wheelchair with accessible pathways, toilets, and rest areas.
  • Toilets: Accessible toilets and restroom facilities are available for people with disabilities.
  • Staff Assistance: The staff at the park is always available for any assistance that disabled visitors might need. They are also equipped to meet specific needs upon request.
  • Parking: The park offers disabled-friendly parking spaces close to the main entrance for your convenience.
Wood Fried Pizza
  • Cafe Brolga: The park’s in-house cafe is the perfect spot to enjoy a bite or a drink and relax while looking over the beautiful grounds and landscape.
  • Carboni's Italian Kitchen: This Italian kitchen is your one-stop shop for wood-fired pizzas and pasta from Bologna.
  • Ballarat Indian Restaurant: This modest curry house serves scrumptious North Indian fare along with tandoori and vegetarian dishes.
  • The Red Lion Ballarat: A modern pub grub featuring a gaming zone, a play area for kids, and a sports bar.
  • Kambei Japanese Restaurant: Head to this stylish dining room for tasting menus and traditional Japanese meals in a sophisticated setup.
Do not litter sign
  • Respect wildlife: Do not feed the animals unless allowed. Keep a safe distance and follow park guidelines for interacting with the animals.
  • No littering: Dispose of trash in designated bins to keep the park clean.
  • Stay on paths: Stick to designated pathways and areas to avoid disturbing the animals and their habitats.
  • No smoking: The park is a smoke-free zone to protect the animals and the visitors.
  • Quiet and respectful behaviour: Speak softly to avoid distressing the animals. Do not do anything that might disrupt their routines.
  • Follow park signs and instructions: Pay attention to the signs and staff instructions for your safety as well as the well-being of the animals and other visitors.
  • Photography guidelines: Photography is allowed but be mindful of using flash and drones to avoid disturbing the animals.
  • No pets: Pets are not allowed inside the wildlife park.
Ballarat Botanical Gardens
  • Sovereign Hill: This recreated town with historical buildings and costumed interpreters tells the history of gold mining in Ballarat through interactive exhibits and activities.
  • Kryal Castle: A mediaeval-themed adventure park featuring a replica castle offers fun activities like jousting tournaments, interactive shows, and a dragon's labyrinth.
  • Ballarat Botanical Gardens: Admire the collection of rare and exotic plants, a picturesque lake, walking paths, and historic statues at this beautiful garden ideal for picnics, birdwatching, and strolls.
  • Eureka Centre: Dedicated to the Eureka Rebellion, this museum houses historical artefacts, interactive displays, and a replica of the Eureka Flag - all of which tell the story of the struggle for the rights and democracy of miners in the mid-19th century.
Comfortable white shoes
  • Dress comfortably: Dress for the weather, as the park has outdoor areas. Wear comfortable footwear for walking long distances.
  • Carry essentials: Bring a few essentials like sunscreen, hats, and water bottles for a comfortable visit.
  • Educational opportunities: Take advantage of the guided tours, shows, and educational presentations available at the park to learn more about the wildlife and conservation efforts.
  • Animal encounters: Meet and greet with animals have fixed timings and days. Plan your visit in advance and make your bookings accordingly.
  • Call in advance for pictures: Photography at the park is weather-dependent. If you want photography to be included in your experiences, it's a good idea to call ahead and confirm whether the park is hosting photography on that day. 
  • Rules for kids: Children can't enter the park by themselves. They will need to have at least one adult with them at all times.

Frequently asked questions about Ballarat Wildlife Park tickets

How much does a Ballarat Wildlife Park ticket cost?

Online tickets to Ballarat Wildlife Park are usually at discounted prices starting from AU$33. If you were to buy the tickets at the park itself, they usually cost about AU$40. To save some money on your Ballarat Wildlife Park tickets, we suggest that you book them online.

How to book a Ballarat Wildlife Park ticket?

You can easily book your Ballarat Wildlife Park tickets online. You also have the option of buying the tickets at the park entrance, but you may lose out on online discounts.

Why should I book my Ballarat Wildlife Park tickets online?

We recommend booking your Ballarat Wildlife Park tickets online because they usually come with many benefits.
- Online discounts: Ballarat Wildlife Park tickets are usually cheaper online compared to buying them at the park entrance.
- Flexible durations: You can book your tickets at any time and gain entry into the park for the day of your choice.
- Mobile tickets: Avoid the hassle of carrying a physical ticket. Simply display your mobile voucher and get entry access.

What does a Ballarat Wildlife Park ticket include?

Your Ballarat Wildlife Park ticket will include entry to the park, access to daily animal shows and presentations, and a guided tour of certain enclosures if you’re visiting over the weekend.

Are there discounts available on Ballarat Wildlife Park tickets?

Ballarat Wildlife Park tickets are usually priced lower online compared to the park entrance. Apart from this, kids up to 4 years of age enjoy free entry while those between 5 and 15 years of age enjoy reduced ticket rates. You can also avail of discounts for students and senior citizens. However, you are required to present a valid photo ID to get the discount.

What are the opening hours of the Ballarat Wildlife Park?

Ballarat Wildlife Park is open from 9 AM to 5 PM every day.

Where is Ballarat Wildlife Park located?

Ballarat Wildlife Park is located at 250 Fussell St, Ballarat East VIC 3350, Ballarat East VIC 3350, Australia. Find it on Maps.

How do I get to the Ballarat Wildlife Park?

The most convenient way to get to Ballarat Wildlife Park would be to drive down to it. However, you can also take a bus or train to reach the park.

Is it worth visiting the Ballarat Wildlife Park?

Whether you’re a nature and wildlife enthusiast or not, Ballarat Wildlife Park is most definitely worth a visit. The park lets you learn about the various native species of Australia, their significance in the ecosystem, and conservation methods, allowing you to appreciate nature from a new perspective.